Friday, January 7, 2011

Six weeks later...

So, how is it that almost 2 entire months have past since my first post about this project?!? Oh yeah, well... issues with the loan set us back a few weeks (there simply are no "comps" to this property and apparently underwriting has NO idea what to do when that happens) and then a month of solid holiday preparation and celebration and voila - here we are... January 2011!

Here is a little photo journalism to catch you up on the last 6 weeks of activity starting with November...

They started by clearing a few trees (*sob*)

The cistern was dug up. It was below where the summer kitchen once stood.

Good bye back porch!

Putting in the driveway. This photo was taken from where the driveway will enter. The garage will come off at an angle from the old stone house.

On to a few shots from progress made in December after some snow and then artic temps. Not ideal for pouring a foundation but Carey did loads of reasearch and got lots of opinions and it seems all is well...

Finally... FOUNDATION!

There will be an addition straight off the back which will be our family room. Off the two opposite sides will be the garage and our master bedroom.


The front porch got a new foundation as well.

Another shot of the garage - it shoots off at an angle.

This weekend I will post the huge amount of progress that has happened over this past week. The old stone house has been totally gutted and the new addition basement walls and first floor subfloor were put in. We felt bad all week for the workers - it is soooo cold but we're happy that no more blizzards have plauqed the project.

Happy New Year... a little late! Of course my resolution is to keep up with this blog...


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  1. Hello! Stumbled across your blog; I used to live near this house on Pleasant View Road, and would drive by frequently. As the owner of a 100+ year-old home and lover of old architecture, I applaud you for doing a restoration on this beautiful piece of Wisconsin history - I was so afraid that it would eventually be torn down. Bravo! :)