Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27, 2011

When Carey called and told me there were LOTS Of cars on site today I had to check it out for myself... NO LIE! What a miracle! Lots of inside details in the framing work are being put to bed.

Our beams have been patiently waiting to be set in place so when I pulled up to see them CUT I could hardly wait to see them INSIDE the house....

YEAH! Just as I had pictured, the beams were set over the door ways into the great room. In previous posts there were aches there but I really wanted to add more texture and a bit of a rustic flair. I'm beyond thrilled! (I think Carey is too :) ha!)

A shot looking from in the great room back through the small hall (the powder room is to the right) and through to the kitchen door into the old stone house. The passage way into the kitchen will be an arch in brick.

So sad this came out blurry but here is my Carey and contractor Cary holding up the fireplace mantle in the great room. Love it!

Another shot... making sure it's all good.

Carey has been so hard at work on the project and I'm pleased to boast that he is expertly skilled in the building field. He was VERY essential today, answering all the detail questions and helping to figure out how to finish things up. There are no blue print plans on a job like this. You might even say we're making it up as we go. Even though it has been extremely stressful, I think it will ultimately be VERY clear that this house is a major labor of love. XOXOs go out to my MAN for getting it done. Love you, Carey!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 25, 2011

WOW. It's been awhile... to say the least! After a disastrous situation and relationship with our original builder we went through many months of "re-organization" and have FINALLY started to build again.

This summer the road in front of our house was made wider and re-paved - you can see it here almost ready to be finished.

Our new builder is Chris from Revival Homes. We had spoken with him about the project years ago and he was happy to come on board and help us with our dilemma. Lots of work has been done inside including HVAC and plumbing. Our two stairways did not meet code and had to be re-done. There was a torturous amount of work to be torn out and redone. PAINFUL in so many ways!

Last week our front porch was poured and stamped. We look forward to the cement aging with time and taking on a darker patina.

The front door and garage were also poured.
This week the two chimneys are the "big news" - don't they look great!? This is the master bedroom chimney.

They are being built with reclaimed Cream City brick which we will also use on the two sided kitchen/dining room fireplace.

We love how tall and old fashioned they are turning out.

The back of the house.

Some of the internal fun. You can see the wall of the old house basement here butting up to the new one. Carey is working hard this weekend on cleaning up all the dirt!


This is the upstairs landing where we will have two walls of built in bookcases and a sitting area with a tv for the girls. We decided to add a sky light which will go in soon.
So that's a short and sweet wrap up of where we are today. So many things have happened along the way proving this project to be something along the lines of "opening a can of worms." What woudl life be without excitement, right?!? We have our fingers crossed that we'll be in before Christmas and the Wisconsin winter arctic freeze. I hope to update the site the blog on a regular basis with lots of progress so stay tuned. Cheers!