Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 27, 2011

Carey insists it's been a LONG time since the blog was updated and, sure enough, it has! The holidays swooped me up in their madness but I'm back now with a few updates on the old stone farm house.

These first few photos show the rest of the second new roof being installed. It is a slightly chunkier looking shingle but in the same color as the last. We are thrilled with our choice!

Here's a closer shot of the shingles from my upstairs studio above the garage.

At last we have insulation! Spray foam was the way to go in order to work with the old stone and all the funky angles. It did however prove to be difficult to work with and took quite some time to get right.

This door is the other passage way into the kitchen. It will get a layer of thin brick soon.

Insulation Upstairs

We chose to add a skylight to the TV/bookcase/lounge area in the upstairs landing. Adds lots of light! There will be bookcases along the wall below.

Hardscaping is in full swing...

Check out the pile of boulders to the right.

Part of the backyard wall. Loving the work that Olson Toon has done... art with boulders!

And then the drywall...

Lots and lots and lots of drywall.

Hunting season, Thanksgiving and Christmas all put temporary stops on the work along with MUD galore! Happy to not have tons of snow but we're wishing for some frozen ground to get things moving on the exterior work again. I promise to post more pictures soon showing the drywall and texture. We're putting the final touches on colors and finishes. The end is relatively close yet feels sooo far away! Cheers!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9, 2011

The saga continues. Let's start with the good news... Last week the new front porch went up and columns went in. Looking good!

The weekend held great promise. The plan was to rip off the old roof (it was a terrible roofing job topped with hail damage) and get the new one on in two days. These first photos were taken on Saturday when things were moving along as planned...

We should have known it wouldn't happen when a worker fell through the roof! He was fine and his co-workers thought it was pretty funny (NOT!) Later in the day 15 bundles of shingles fell OFF the roof, narrowly missing a friend who had stopped out to see the "progress."

This photo is on Sunday. No roofers to be found. Turns out the custom ordered galvanized drip edge was all defective - yup, DEFECTIVE! It was very windy out and the drip edge was literally ripping apart.

And the drip edge that was already installed had broken apart in places as seen here.

A closer look - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So that put everything on hold.

This is the one portion that was re-roofed with the new shingles. We chose the same color (weathered wood) but went with the Camelot 2 style for more dimension. Love it!

Another challenge came up with the round roof on our back porch. Anyone have thoughts on how to roof this?! Who knew it would be yet another source on contention.

But the worst - I mean VERY WORST - part of the roof not being in place on Sunday is that Mother Nature decided to rear her ugly side and has given us nothing but rain and now SNOW... 1 to 3 inches and more tomorrow! So, we are losing a week and the house is getting wet inside. We also had the insulators working last week and they can't finish their portion of the job until the roof goes on. Needless to say, this job has us feeling pretty defeated and, well, just plain JINXED. Hopefully a miracle or two will come though so we can finish up before the end of the year. Wish us luck!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 23, 2011

Thursday and Friday were very busy at the house this past week. The masons did a ton of work starting with the front and side faces of the porch, below the poured and stamped concrete top.

Walking in the front door of the old house you enter into the dining room and kitchen. The pass through fireplace was bricked in as well as the arch into the new house. A fireplace was located in the same spot when the house was first built so we were happy to honor this part of the past.

The chimney runs up through the center of the house so we get to see it in the upstairs hallway and the loft above the bedrooms. Love it!

This doorway passes through to the new section of the home into the front foyer.

A filled in window in the upstairs guest bedroom. The stone will stay exposed.

We decided to go ahead and frame in the basement. We have a "pool table" area and then there will be an arch into the living room area with a fireplace.

There will be a short hall down to a full bath and nice sized bedroom or office area.

A peek at the back porch with the roof closed in and the sun shining ~ a lovely spot for wine!

And last but not least the front porch on the addition was bricked in. Hoping to get the new roof on next week and then insulation... moving right along!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 14, 2011

The challenge of the week... We've got a back porch!

It will have pillars and we will have a screen that pulls shut to keep out any bugs.

Looking out from the great room.

As seen from my studio above the garage.

The fireplace between the kitchen and dining area will be cream city brick. Carey ran the venting up though the second floor where it will be visible from the hall - again, love the quirk!

The kitchen chimney venting up through the second floor and loft where it will also be bricked.

TONS of little things were accomplished this week as well. We hope to get the new roof in next week... fingers crossed!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6, 2011

Another week is flying by!

The long punch list of miscellaneous things that need to be dealt with

and fixed is slowly being whittled away...

The bedroom chimney is complete.

The great room chimney is complete as well!

We love how it turned out.

The girls enjoyed the sawdust piles in the kitchen and dining room, pretending it was sand.
Note: I wouldn't recommend tights for saw dust play.

The master bedroom fireplace is framed in.

There will be a matching Cream City brick surround topped with a cabinet door hiding the TV.

The upstairs hallway and sitting area present some challenges in the ceiling lines.
Good luck to the drywall crew!

The front stairwell as seen from the upstairs hall.

Another angle showing the somewhat chaotic ceiling. We love the "quirk" it provides.

The loft area above the girls rooms.

Sophie, Carey and Elle climbed on up to check out the view.

As we fully embrace autumn we hope to plow through the list of "to do" while the weather holds. It's so hard to believe that winter is near... Fingers crossed that we can move in before the first arctic blast!!