Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 17-23, 2011

Last week was soooooo incredibly cold! Carey even witnessed a drill bit shatter and no one could work on Friday due to windchill factors that were well below zero. Oh, the joys of building during a Wisconsin winter! A few pictures of further progress...
This photo shows a bump out that will be in the dining room half of the first floor old stone house. In the 50's a "re-modeler" choose to put a large window in this spot, knocking out the old stone. This bump out is our solution to the "hole" ~ it will be really nice in the space.

Carey on the stair well that runs between the old stone house first and second floors ~ it is on one end of the dining room and meets a landing upstairs right outside of the girls bedrooms.

Upstairs gets a floor and the wall that will be between the girls bedrooms.

The view from upstairs ~ This is over looking the living room.

Looking back at the stone house on the second floor.

Looking out over our master bedroom and at the barn.

And my personal piece of heaven... my studio will be above the garage... I simply CANNOT wait!!
The roof trusses that were scheduled to go up last Friday are finally being put in place as I write this. The roof makes it look so "real" again... just like when the hole was dug and the first walls went up. Our home is being born and it's really, truly exciting.

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