Friday, January 21, 2011

January 10-16, 2011

This post comes almost a week late as some pretty big issues were discovered over last weekend. So this past week has been stress laden and sleepless as Carey and our builder worked hard to straighten things out and work with the '"charm and challenge" our Old Stone Farm House has presented. These photos are from almost 2 weeks ago now... so much has happened since then. The trusses are already going up today - despite the predicted frigid high of 3 degrees!

Working on interior walls.

This door way used to be the back door and is now the passage way from the first floor of the stone house to the new construction off the back. There will be exposed stone down one hallway ~ love that detail!

Outside looking at the back of the house ~ this is the living room and off to the right is the master bedroom (fire places in both!!)

Looking from the new basement up through the house.

New basement.

This is looking from the new living room down the hall to the door into the old house ~ that door leads to our dining room and kitchen which will be the whole first floor of the old structure.

This will be the stairwell in the foyer.

Looking from the master bedroom...

This opening will be a bump out in the dining room. The stone has been reinforced with steel beams. It all feels like "a can of worms" when working with the old stone but there haven't been any MAJOR issues yet.
We will head out this weekend and take updates shots. I will also be adding a resources list and will start to share our picks as we go. Windows and doors are first on the list....
Happy Weekend! GO PACKERS!

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  1. molly....see the photos of your "new" basement.....see all those white spots in the photo ? those are ghosts. seriously, as photographers this is something we look for. we believe in them. and based on the photo you should, too. don't let this scare you. they've had plenty of time to leave. i'm sure only the friendly ones have stayed there......