Monday, January 31, 2011

January 28-30, 2011

Continued progress through the end of last week... and our builder, Dave, was even there on Saturday! We have far too much snow in the forecast this week (up to 20") so we were thrilled to see extra work hours being put in before the storm arrives.

They worked long and hard hand framing the dormers and room over the garage (a.k.a .Molly's Studio.)

It's an amazing space and I'm so excited and happy to have it!

This is looking in from the front door of the old house. You can see through the kitchen and dining room all the way to the family room in the back of the new construction.

This is the first floor of the old stone house. Our kitchen and pantry will be to the right. To the left we will have our dining room. Down the center there will be a pass through fireplace.

Looking in from the front door of the old house, looking to the right, this is the dining room area. We are thinking about putting a window seat bench in the window and setting the dining table right up to it. Still up for debate but it could be a nice touch.

This is looking from the other side of the kitchen - through the kitchen and to the dining room, front door area. The wall in the middle is where the fireplace will be.

Master bedroom - the ceilings are high and beautiful! We will do some sort of beam treatment.

This is likely the only wall that will have exposed stone from the old house - it is the hallway down to our master bedroom. The ceiling will be barreled.

The slightly complicated roof line in the back of the house.

Connor's room will be in this area - a dormer will go where the opening is.

This is looking from Connor's room towards the garage. Next to his room will be a den area. The railing to the right will be open to the foyer down below. At the end of the picture is my long awaited studio located above the garage.

The top of the stairs coming up from the front foyer in the new house. The door to the right leads to the girls rooms in the upstairs of the old stone house.

Looking in to the old stone house you can see up to the loft area - a fun spot for the kids. It will have an open rail as well. Elle's room is to the left, Sophie's room and the bathroom are to the right.

The family room. You can get a good feel of the ceiling here. We're working through the treatments in this room as well - likely beams and clapboard. The fireplace will have reclaimed stone from the house and Cream City bricks from Milwaukee.

Our barn view out the window in the living room.

And a question for YOU... ?? :)


  1. lucky me that i get to see it in person.....and that i know you and the builder and that when it's all done i'll get to come and have a cup of tea in your kitchen....i'll bring the scones :)