Monday, November 15, 2010

The Old Stone Farm House

Four years after purchasing this beautiful property in Middleton, Wisconsin we are finally set to start our remodel and addition. Everyone in the area refers to it as "the old stone farm house"and thus the name of our blog. Here we will keep a photo archive of the progress along with tales of the trials and tribulations of the project. Hopefully we aren't "opening a can of worms" as we start work on this 150+ year old stone structure but rather are preserving a piece of Southern Wisconsin history... and making a home for our family that will be cherished for years. Enjoy the journey!
A look at the EXTERIOR BEFORE construction...

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  1. What a wonderful home this will make for your family. My husband and I love old homes and have been fixing up our 1885 Victorian the past six years. I'll look forward to following your renovation projects.