Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012

March is the new July in Wisconsin.

An entire week of sunshine and record breaking temps really helped to dry things out and green things up. Loving the blue sky, bluebells and sunshine!

Since it has dried up around the house, here's a tour of the exterior starting at the front porch. We're anxious to get the columns painted ~ then the porch will "pop."

Master bedroom addition.

Master bedroom fireplace.

Our lovely dirt backyard.

The backside.

The window on the right is the master bedroom, the windows on the main level to the left are the family room addition. The walk out basement is a future project.

Curved porch.

Inside we have more cabinets installed. This is peeking into the laundry room.

Lockers and cabinets over the washer and dryer.

Farm sink.

The front stairs are looking good. The newel posts arrive tomorrow.

The kitchen island is in and a few more white cabinets.

From the hallway into the kitchen.

Bar end of the pantry.

STORAGE in the pantry... upper doors to come.

The kitchen stairwell is shaping up to be gorgeous too.

The dining room is a wood shop these days!

A peek into the master bathroom.

The tile chair rail has begun.

The bookcases in the landing went in. Lighting and top trim has yet to be installed.

The curved tin roof.

View from my studio above the garage ~ swoon! Things are shaping up. Watch for garage doors in the next post... Cheers!


  1. Wow.... just about the only thing left is to move in and enjoy the end of this incredible journey. You KNOW the whole journey will be worth it ;) Love you!

  2. molly....seriously, your house is looking amazing !!
    i'd be swooning, dancing and singing if i were you. everything is just looking so perfect in the house...the colors, the tiles....just wow !

    you and carey should be sooooo proud of your patience and diligence on this project that will finally have an end to it soon !!

  3. That's quite a 'beast' of a farmhouse. We are working on an addition on ours right now. I'm wondering what a certain design element I see in your pics might be called. You have many areas on the counter tops where they 'jut' out and have small pillars (columns) on either side of this feature. I haven't seen this before but it does add a lot of interest to the layout.

  4. Hi Dave –
    We always saw the “furniture legs” as a way of making cabinets look more like furniture than kitchen cabinets. Old kitchens used to be furnished with actual furniture (tables, pie safes, and armoires) rather than built-in cabinets. Even the sinks had legs and they were open underneath. Best of luck with your addition. We hope to actually post finished photos soon! You can check out a few on Houzz… working on more as we get them. Thanks!