Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 7, 2012

Drum roll please.... We finally have garage doors!

The carriage style doors will eventually have handles added for a more authentic feel.

Walking in the front door.

The front stairwell wood work is really turning out nice. It will take on an entirely different look and feel after being painted white.

Balusters and railing are being installed. We no longer need to worry about losing a child over the edge!

The upstairs lounging area will eventually have a small sofa, chair and TV.

Front Foyer

The back staircase into the kitchen from upstairs.

So much woodwork!!

The laundry room base was installed in the same black travertine as the floor.

More tile work was completed in the master bathroom.
Things are coming together nicely now and at a lively pace. Next week the cabinets will be finished and shutters in the stone house will be installed. Our counter tops will also go in - black soapstone in the kitchen and laundry room, granite in the bathrooms. The finish carpenters hope to be done by Tuesday. Plumbing will be installed as well. Lots of changes so keep an eye out for updated photos next weekend. Happy Easter to All!

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