Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 27, 2011

Carey insists it's been a LONG time since the blog was updated and, sure enough, it has! The holidays swooped me up in their madness but I'm back now with a few updates on the old stone farm house.

These first few photos show the rest of the second new roof being installed. It is a slightly chunkier looking shingle but in the same color as the last. We are thrilled with our choice!

Here's a closer shot of the shingles from my upstairs studio above the garage.

At last we have insulation! Spray foam was the way to go in order to work with the old stone and all the funky angles. It did however prove to be difficult to work with and took quite some time to get right.

This door is the other passage way into the kitchen. It will get a layer of thin brick soon.

Insulation Upstairs

We chose to add a skylight to the TV/bookcase/lounge area in the upstairs landing. Adds lots of light! There will be bookcases along the wall below.

Hardscaping is in full swing...

Check out the pile of boulders to the right.

Part of the backyard wall. Loving the work that Olson Toon has done... art with boulders!

And then the drywall...

Lots and lots and lots of drywall.

Hunting season, Thanksgiving and Christmas all put temporary stops on the work along with MUD galore! Happy to not have tons of snow but we're wishing for some frozen ground to get things moving on the exterior work again. I promise to post more pictures soon showing the drywall and texture. We're putting the final touches on colors and finishes. The end is relatively close yet feels sooo far away! Cheers!

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