Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012

Happy New Year! Hard to believe this project started in 2010, went ALLLLLL the way through 2011 and has now welcomed in 2012. I think this may be "our year." (fingers crossed!)

HELLO DRYWALL! This photo shows the stairwell in the foyer to the left as you enter the front door in the new part of the house. I love how you can see the original brick walls down the hall to the master bedroom as well as in the foyer. The wooden beam is still covered but you can imagine how nice that additional texture will be. We will have dark, distressed hardwood floors through the whole main level of the house.

Another shot of the foyer. The front door will have a divided window, adding natural light.

The master bedroom. The fireplace will be done in the same brick as the kitchen one.

In the kitchen - an island will be parallel to the fireplace, the range and sink to the right and the fridge and freezer to the left on the wall across from and facing the pantry. The door leads to the walk in pantry. Can't wait!

Looking from the kitchen side.... a stairwell to the upstairs in the old house where the girls rooms are. You can also see into the front foyer.

A peek into the pantry. There will be floor to ceiling cabinets on the wall opposite the windows as well as a cabinet with counter tops on each end. One end will have a wine fridge and will serve as a bar area.

This is looking into the kitchen/dining from the front door of the old house. This side of the room will have a large dining table.

The dining area and door to the old house basement.

Moving upstairs... Elle's room is at the top of the kitchen stairwell.

And Lil' Sophie is right next door.

The guest room in the new construction...

with a wonderful exposed wall and filled in brick and stone window.

The loft is looking like loads of fun! Sophie's room is to the right.

The landing upstairs in the new construction. Think bookcases, TV, lounging area.

Looking from the "landing lounge" back at the old house. The passage goes through to the girls rooms, the door to the right is the guest room and the stairs go down to the foyer.

Again from the "landing lounge" area... looking towards my studio above the garage.

Ta Da! Studio back through to the landing.

Studio windows out the back of the house. I can hardly wait!! eek!
So that concluded today's "tour of drywalled rooms." We used Ben Moore "moonlight white" through the entire house for now. I plan to add color through rugs, art and accessories and will paint a few rooms. Our focus for this farmhouse interior design will be on textures and natural tones. Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together, slowly but surely.
Cheers to 2012!

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