Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 3-13, 2011

My last post centered around the blizzard... this time let's talk about RAIN! It warmed up to the mid-40's on Saturday and it seriously sounded like a steady rain fall inside the house. The melting was fast and furious. What a welcome break. We had some rough sub-zero days earlier in the week so this thaw is a relief. Let there be mud!

Kitchen - the fireplace is roughed in. The insert will be arched. The stove will go between the windows on the far wall and the pantry is on the left. We have room for a lovely island.

Kitchen from the other side. The large window will be where our dining table sits.

Kitchen from the doorway to the addition.

This window turned door way leads to the hall by the master bedroom.

The arched doorway roughed in... love it! This is taken from the front foyer. To the right of the arch is the laundry/mudroom.

Roughed in fireplace in the family room.

This photo is taken from in the family room looking at the back wall of the room and through the arched doorway. You can see all the way to the front door of the old stone house.

Ceiling in the family room. We will have natural beams the go across in mid-air and white boxcar siding on the flat surface. Still searching for the perfect large-but-not-too-large chandelier...

On to upstairs - the view out Connor's window.

The upstairs "landing" that changed considerably when the roof line needed to be adjusted. We will have a wall of built in white bookcases and good light for reading by. The railing in this area is open to the front foyer below.

Another view of the upstairs landing area. The window is in Connor's room. His bath and closet are to the right.

My studio. This is over the garage and looking back through the landing.

The dormer over the front door on the new addition. This allows nice light into the upstairs landing/hallway area.

The girls and grandma head down the front stairwell.

And then there's Carey... determined to get that dang snow off the roof and willing to risk life and limb to do it! Much to his dismay there was a layer of ice under the snow. Nice blue sky!

Standing in the driveway looking at the old house I realized how pretty the fireplace will be through the dining room window.

My girlies on the front porch.

We're working hard now on what feels like a zillion decisions. Plumbing and electrical will come next along with the roof. Our windows and doors are ordered and will go in soon as well. I will post details on some of our interior design ideas soon since there will be little to take photos of. Here's hoping the weather stays nice, that things will dry out and that no one drowns in the mud ponds around the property!

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